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Welcome! Dealerships want potential buyers to come in, test drive their cars, then drive them away home. The problem is salesmen are not going to let just anyone do this, and they will need proof stating the vehicle will be brought back to them in the same condition it left in. Begin With Time Set Aside Test driving a car does not take 10-15 minutes, and sometimes can stretch for hours. This depends on how many cars the shopper decides to test out. The first car may not always be the best driving car, so it is important to always have a back up choice. Dealerships do not really mind how long the test driver is out with the car, and if they are willing to make a serious sale they will ride along. Drive the car for at least 30 minutes to an hour to ensure the car is functioning properly. Driver License Are Needed Before a dealership allows a potential driver to leave with their car, they will need a form of identification. Not just any form of identification, but the drivers' state issued licence. With this license salesmen will know whether or not you are able to drive, and if their are any restrictions which they should be warned about. If the potential buyer does not have a license, they can forget about test driving any car until the form of identification has been obtained. Persuade The Salesman, But Do Not Seem Desperate Car salesmen have their minds made up every day to sale cars and make money. If a potential buyer enters the dealership as if they are in dire straits of possessing a car, the dealer will begin seeing dollar signs. Once they see these signs in their head, they will sell a person almost anything. Do not let them do this, inform the salesman that you want to test drive a car and that you will be listening to any and every unfamiliar noise. If they insist on riding along during the test drive, ask them politely to be quiet. If they persist on talking, find another dealership that allows you to properly test drive a car. Drive The Car As If It Already Belongs To You Test driving does not mean pressing the gas pedal to the floor of the car while driving on the interstate. If this car being driven already belonged to you it would not be driven this way. Make every turn accurately, drive slowly over speed bumps, and drive up hills as if the car has already been purchased. Do Not Damage The Car Driving over the speed limit in a dealership car will not stop police officers from handing over a ticket. Worst case scenario, they may think you have stolen the car especially when you cannot provide officers with your driver's license that has been left at the dealership. The dealership will not pay any tickets, because they are not the person who was driving. Most of all drive for you and others, because if an accident occurs you may be stuck with a vehicle that is not worth having anymore.


Sifu Jason Korol